Rio Narley’s ‘Day Dream’ Embodies the True Nature of Self

His first release from his ‘Evolution’ EP, ‘Day Dream’ is all about letting your imagination run free from your own perspective.

Going through a traumatic life experience and talking about it helped me to understand that it’s ok to be yourself. I started understanding my my true nature as a male human being. I stopped caring about how people viewed me and started living on my own perspective and terms. I go to the beach and write music in order to listen to the sound of the waves while I do so. Being by the ocean puts me in a certain comfort zone. That’s where I let my imagination run free. I decided to talk about it and that is how ‘Day Dream’ was created.

Rio narley

Shaquille D. Mitchell, known as Rio Narley, is an American songwriter, rapper, and producer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At a young age he began merging poetry with natural sounds which evolved his musical talent. The revolutionized his distinctive melodic sound. Using the inspiration of the ocean, Rio can channel his subconscious mind to display an array of imagery of feelings in his music. Rio’s songwriting skills have evolved through life experiences and encourage listeners to think positively. His optimistic views on life shine through in his upbeat music touching on real-life topics. He proves if you keep moving forward, nothing is impossible. 

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