Put Some Respect on Her Name! ‘Beatrice Dixon’ CEO of ‘The Honey Pot’.

Carisha The Diva

First let me say congratulations to the strong black Queen we will all come to know as ‘Beatrice Dixon’. A native from Atlanta, Georgia, and one of the few black women to successfully make the Forbes list of millionaires, she has created a safe, environment friendly line of naturally organic feminine products. Her story made headlines everywhere due to a trending Target commercial, yet her will to succeed, and remain positive gives a strong message to women of color nationwide. In the words of the Queen Bey, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”. She was a victim of complete online harassment by evil, jealous consumers, who seemed to be blatantly offended that a woman of color could pull off having a lucrative line of feminine products for sale at a big chain like Target. However, we don’t think the masses got the memo, that this country has been created for ALL people to have the chance for advancement and growth.

The founder, Beatrice Dixon suffered from bacterial vaginosis for months, and with the help of her ancestors created a formula for an effective clean feminine wash. After the launch of the ‘Honey Pot’ in 2014, she’s been gaining notoriety ever since, and has been mentioned by several top publications such as Essence, Forbes, Vogue, and Marie Claire. As a carrier of 100% cotton tampons women everywhere can now safely banish odors and unwanted bacteria with “herbal-infused, chemical-free sanitary pads and tampons that create a “cooling” effect that’s both protective and soothing.” All of the products sold from ‘Honey Pot’, are developed by and tested on women not animals, made with ingredients from the earth, and above all contain no chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrances, or anything synthetic.

A recent commercial promoting ‘The Honey Pot’ plant based line at Target stores, had every racist under the sun commenting, leaving harsh reviews on a professional and well thought out brand, that does nothing but uplift others, and deliver amazing products for women of all colors. Beatrice even commented on the thousands of viral reviews regarding her company, stating the attention has helped with marketing and product awareness. People never stop to think that negatively bashing a positive line will in the long run, create a strategic awareness to the good of the company. After the commercial went viral because of her comments stating she wanted to lead the way for other successful black women to have their business ideas come to life, her sales increased by 50%, and many of her products sold out both on her company website https://thehoneypot.co/ and Target stores worldwide.. “That comment wasn’t about us being a Black-owned business and only selling to Black customers. I think we’re human and race shouldn’t even be a conversation, but it is because of the society we live in. We understand the responsibility as a Black-owned business that we have to be successful because if we’re not, we’re not doing anything for the culture to move it forward so that [race] isn’t a topic.” She won’t be slowing down any time soon either, more products will be released in the near future including a lavender vulva cream, boric acid and herb suppositories, and a panty spray.

Beatrice is a wife, daughter, sister, friend and now a motivator to young girls of color everywhere that you can own your own anything, and obtain all of the goals you set out to achieve. This marks her 7th year in business and not only is her company helping to provide feminine products to women in need, she has become a positive role model in the black community. Check out the companies instagram @thehoneypotco


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