Newly signed artist to Familiar Territory Records ‘Coe Mook’ Drops New Single “Yea Wit Da Yea” with Zaytoven Beatz!

By: Carisha J.

Super producer Zaytoven Beatz grabbed a BEAST to join the “Familiar Territory Records” family, ‘Coe Mook.’

When it comes to maintaining consistency, quality, and relevance in the shark industry known as the record business, legendary producer ‘Zaytoven Beatz’ never disappoints with dropping the hardest beats and working with the best artists. What started out as making beats in his parent’s basement and sneaking 1017 CEO, Gucci Mane through the back door late at night to record, has flourished to the multi-talented Grammy nominated producer earning major respect in the business and making beats for top names such as Future, Usher, Kash Doll, Lil Keed, and his newest member of his label ‘Coe Mook’. Another important name to be sure to recognize in this equation is Zaytoven’s genius manager, Digital ‘Ro’ Dope. Ro has been a mega force and highly respected businessman who stands beside Zaytoven on the accolades of delivering several successful and hard projects. Just this past summer we got back to back hits from this camp with the highly anticipated collab album featuring Lil Gotit, Lil Keed, Lil Yachty and Zaytoven ‘A-Team’, a sample of what is to come on the next Zaytown Sorority Project featuring his all-star female line-up, and of course his ‘Zone Connect’ project with Oj Da Juiceman, Young La, and Juug Man aka Yung Ralph.
The newest edition to his label, Coe Mook can DEFINITELY hold his own in the music industry. Hailing from Massachusetts, and now living in Alabama, this is not his first rodeo working with the music genius. Mook was featured on the ‘Zaytown Classic Mixtape’ a few years ago and has did a little work with Gucci Mane as well. Sometimes when working in the music industry you simply must wait your time to come out the crate and make your mark. Now is his time, and we are pleased to announce that Mook found his way back to Zaytown and just signed with Zaytoven’s Familiar Territory Record Label. Mook has his own sound that distinguishes him from the ‘mumble rap’ category and catapults himself into real Hip-Hop drip, with hard bars and a signature flow. As a father of 3 young Kings, he is determined to provide a prosperous life for them, and he wants those around him to be “inspired to pursue their passion and believe in the possibility of success.” Mook dropped some new music earlier this year, and we are looking forward to his upcoming achievements and new milestones with the Familiar Territory Family! His newest project “Yea Wit Da Yea” just dropped today check it out below!!

Yea Wit Da Yea

By Ogechi

When it comes to Ogechi, energy in the first word that comes to mind. The Nigerian 23 year old is a Singer/songwriter, poet/author, model and dancer with lyrical bars that will leave the listener engaged and thinking critically. Her songwriting abilities and affinity for poetry have an effect on way she writes her raps because she knows what it takes to write something that evokes emotion in the audience… For Ogechi, creating is a spiritual release and we should be honored that The HipHoppa Herself has decided to share with us her experiences and philosophies. Ogechi reminds us what it is to be human, even while affirming our godliness. Ogechi is a creative as she creates what the people need to hear. She is both the artist and the masterpiece at the same time. Ogechi is the future.

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