National Association of Black Journalists ‘Vice President’ Disappointed in President Trump’s Press Briefings Regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus).




As of now Capitol Hill is being swarmed with the media regarding Coronavirus, relief money for American citizens in need, and bailouts for the countries’ businesses who are all now struggling financially.


Two-term NABJ Vice President and Award-winning investigative reporter for CBS2 Chicago ‘Dorothy Tucker’ is one of the most prominent names in the world of journalism. Working diligently in the business since the 80’s, she has won local Emmy awards for her work in her home town of Chicago as a reporter, graduated with honors from Northwestern University, and has dedicated many contributions to the media world with her work as a stellar journalist. American journalist ‘Yamiche Alcindor’ is a White House correspondent for the PBS News Hour, and a political contributor to NBC News. After covering major stories such as the earthquake in Haiti, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, and the Trayvon Martin shooting, she has made an impeccable name for herself for her amazing work. Donald Trump has been called out for his vile remarks to reporter ‘Yamiche Alcindor’ who goes out hard in the field every day to bring the world trusted and truthful news for the people. His actions and the way he has spoken to other reporters of color, or anyone who is against his agenda has been deemed ‘tasteless’ to say the least. At this moment in America, we need a President who has compassion for all people and a strategic plan in order to figure out the Coronavirus. The American people should be informed up to the minute on the virus updates, possible vaccines, and important information yet the media is literally frightening the public with this threat of a ‘Martial Law’. Ms. Tucker made an announcement on social media regarding Trump’s disrespectful responses to Yamiche Alcindor and other industry colleagues which is also posted below. While his behavior has never ceased to surprise anyone, we can only pray that the people make it through this pandemic and see brighter days again. The weather is breaking, yet schools are closed, and supermarkets are becoming empty. Many people have lost their jobs and are worried about how to make ends meet, and the last thing we need is negative energy especially from the White House. Everyone is urged to spend as much time as home away from others as possible, and for further updates regarding Covid-19 head to /CNN


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