Chanel Scott, Michael Jai White, Gillian White, Sasha the Diva, Jack Daniels, Christal Jordan and more attend the blue carpet taping for CheMinistry’s ‘What Makes a Healthy Relationship’ on Fox Soul!

By: Carisha J

The cleanest in the industry showed up and showed out Sunday February 19th for the Fox Soul taping of CheMinistry created by Chanel Scott! The flourishing entrepreneur also presented her book signing for ‘Relationships Matter’ at the event. The Gathering Spot in Atlanta was the place to be if you’re a mover and shaker in the city. Media outlets lined the blue carpet in full set-up to get exclusive commentary from all the stars who attended the event.

Chanel Scott is a revolutionary in her own lane. While many women of color tend to lean towards the urban reality TV side of pop-culture, the well spoken author decided to Hone in on a subject that even she wanted to learn more about. Relationships!

Live with Carisha in conjunction with Setting the Tone covered the blue carpet and asked her the million dollar question. “Why relationships”?

 “Because I wanted to understand what men wanted and how to be better in my own relationships” Chanel Scott

Although the sizzling business mogul admitted that she is currently single, she has been involved in many relationships that didn’t work out, so she decided to take her challenges to a network thus birthing ‘CheMinistry’. Don’t dare count her out as lonely. With a platform of this level under her belt she is learning and embracing along the way and when love decides to find her again she’ll be ready!

Sunday’s exciting affair had an all-star lineup of power couples who all brought their experiences, insight, and advice to the episode taping. Michael and Gillian White looked stunning, and their love shined bright throughout the event. Both mentioned that communication and being healthy are two key components in their lives together. Sasha the Diva and husband Kevin Harris were the epitome of what it means to bring value to each other in love. Jack Daniels added the flair from an Alpha male perspective, while Marsu and Latisha Scott showed us how reality TV and love CAN work with unity and commitment.

The event was polished with a live band, servers dishing tasty hors d’oeuvres and a clean ambiance to set the stage.

Today, many young people have an infatuation of being a ‘power couple’ for social media fame and neglect the work it entails behind the scenes to keep a healthy relationship. In short it is not for the weak. A power couple works when it’s equally balanced out from both parties bringing to the table. The power comes when you both uplift each other and are motivating each other to success. Platforms like what Chanel Scott has created are not only needed in our community today but should be a spoken conversation in the language of relationships.

CheMinistry, a relationship platform is a talk show on Fox Soul that evokes conversations surrounding romantic relationships.

Check them out at CheMinistry A Relationship Platform | Chanel Scott

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