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Music is an art that can bring even the two most culturally different people together to embrace the beauty of the sounds. No matter what genre of music you prefer to create, there is a pair of ears somewhere on the planet who will appreciate it, and even have a personal testimony as to how it helped them get through a trying time. When you listen to what Beau Saga develops in his craft you instantly become filled with good energy, an easy spirit, and devour into relaxing island vibes to sooth your mind and soul. Not one to fill his music with anything but substance, this is a solid artist who takes his time to create something meaningful that his fans will appreciate.

Beau Saga grew up in the Bronx but was born in Harlem. He did not have anything handed to him and had to earn everything on his own. This

disciplined upbringing is what developed him into the artist he is today! Beau Saga was the 1st American born in his family, so he was able to see several things from several unique perspectives and have a versatile view on cultures as opposed to his family born back home in Africa.

Beau Saga is the type of artist who can appeal to the masses. He embodies a ‘household name’ essence about him due to his easy listening lyrics filled with high vibration beats and Caribbean undertones. His single ‘Boots’ out now on all platforms is a must hear song that really highlights just how authentic he is with his sound! The song masters what he brings to the music world in his signature lane of Afro-Hop.

Check out his Q&A below

1. Talk to us about where you grew up?

I grew up in the Bronx yet was born in Harlem. I was raised in the south Bronx to be exact. I know this lifestyle can seem entertaining to the eye, but one must sacrifice and learn many gems along the way. In short, everything starts with knowing who you are. I was not born with a silver spoon, and I always considered myself a diamond in the rough. I have not had anything handed to me; I went out to obtain the things I dreamed for, which I am still jumping hurdles today to make it happen. Life is simple, does not mean it is easy. I am staying out of trouble, staying focused so I can remain financially stable to do things I need to do, meeting the right people at the right time to establish those relationships and friendships with those who can help aid me to the next level.

2. How did your upbringing influence your sound and your creativity as an artist?

Being the first generation American in my family, I was able to see life through multiple lenses. Essentially this is how I was introduced to the disconnect that the barrier of language can inflict, and how one can feel social awkwardness being in a room full of “mixed backgrounds” even though we all can trace our roots back to Africa. I found this to be a frequent problem amongst the new gen Americans and sought to become an influence for change. Not only in the nightlife but as well in our day-to-day interactions between people and music.

3, When was the 1st time you fell in love with music? Where were you? What song did you listen to?

 I was always an outgoing person, an adrenaline junkie, which led to me trying my hand at a variety of sports, from basketball to track, and aggressive inline skating. I was constantly striving to push my body and myself to my utmost limit. All throughout my life music had a deep impact on my development. At a young age while at home in the living room with my father, he played Michael Jackson and upon hearing him was hooked on music for life! I was influenced so much that I later became a musician myself.

4. Who has been the most motivating person on this journey?

I can not say it is solely one person, but more of the idea of legacy and family. I believe in the motto that it takes a village to raise a child.

5. Tell us a time you were most doubtful in your career, what were you going through and how did you push through it?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to wake up every day and work hard while living in my truths. All the proceeds I receive from Beau Saga’s creative work, sustains me personally. From day one there were many obstacles and issues, but every day I grew increasingly in my craft and learned valuable tricks to the trade. I just had to remain focused and consistent. Eventually I began to strategize and work smarter.

Although this journey is tedious and truly a marathon the rewards are astounding and speak for themselves.

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