Authentic Empire’s Indie King Showcase That Helped to Launch Foogiano’s Career Names New Winner

Authentic Empire Indie King Showcase, The Same Talent Competition That Helped Launch The Career of Foogiano, Announces DoughBoy D As The Winner of Indie King Showcase 4

On Saturday, April 3rd, Authentic Empire (AE) crowned Mississippi rapper DoughBoy D as the latest winner of their Indie King Showcase 4, which is the same talent competition that helped to launch the career of rapper Foogiano, now signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 imprint via Atlantic Records. There was also a $40k cash money drop at the end of the night to conclude the weekend long festivities in honor of AE CEO Lavour “Boomman” Sanders’ 40th birthday.

Out of dozens of performers, the southern spitter edged out the competition with seemingly his whole state supporting him. Held at Atlanta’s Miami Lounge, both Friday and Saturday nights performance slots were booked solid with extensive crowds wrapped around the building, which left standing room only inside the venue. DoughBoy D won a $25k cash advance, in addition to a single deal valued at over $150k and an iced out AE chain. The next showcase is set to take place this summer and slated to be even bigger and better.

“I really enjoy changing lives and helping indie artists maximize their potential,” says Sanders, a former artist and music manager himself. “I love the process of developing talent and giving them a platform to be seen and heard.”


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