Atlanta’s Small Businesses Still Striving * A Review of Crush Cuisine.




By: Carisha The Diva

Enjoy dinner with Crush Cuisine in Atlanta! Affordable luxury that exposes your palette to delicious, fresh, and robust ingredients that will satisfy your soul.


The year 2020 started off to a surprising start, with everyone in complete shock over the biggest news to hit the media, the Coronavirus or Covid-19. Small businesses everywhere have felt the impact and thankfully with the help of the community, their supporters, and the media they continue to stay afloat during these trying times. We are going to bring you the best businesses to make your acquaintance within the city, because network and support is key for everyone to win. The food service industry has been hit the hardest, and luckily our favorite companies are delivering quality meals to feed you and your families.

Crush Cuisine is a full-service catering company, that is not only mobile, but dedicated to delivering quality food and pleasing their customers. No event is to big, and no appetite is too small, because they pride themselves on delivering good food to 1 person or 100 people. I came to love them sometime last year when I had the liberty of having them cater a friend’s music release party. It is a good feeling when you are having an event and you do not have to worry about the food and drinks not being on point. When I say every guest was walking around with a full belly, it was marvelous to know that I only needed to host and enjoy the event. Crush Cuisine was founded in part by Angelo Wilson, an Atlanta native who not only knows the city inside and out, is knowledgeable in all areas of taste from Spanish cuisine to Indian, Thai, Jamaican and even Chinese. His biggest hit this spring would have to be his Seafood Boils. With over 10 years plus of cooking experience, a mother, and grandmother who brought him up in the kitchen at a young age, and being trained under some of the most educated business owners in the food industry Crush Cuisine is making a lasting impression around the city fast. Complete with his signature sauce and the freshest seafood on the market there has not been a single non-happy customer. Rather you are a big eater or keeping your diet lean and healthy Crush Cuisine has a dish for you. They are also big on meal prep and doing a 3 to 6-day meal prep for the week saves you time in the kitchen to focus on other areas of your life. Check out our 1 on 1 with him below and for ordering please contact them at or Crush Cuisine

      1. How have you been spending your time during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Maximizing my craft, and networking with other chefs.


      1. What is your favorite dish to prepare?

I enjoy making anything that requires a grill and seafood.


      1. Explain the daily duties of being a full-time chef? How often are you buying new ingredients?

When I am not saving multi-million-dollar homes from flooding, I am always experimenting with new ingredients, different food profiles and more.


      1. Describe your cooking in 1 word.



      1. What sets you apart from another chef?

I do not think I set myself apart at all. I am always willing to learn from the men and women alike that take on such artsy craft. We all have 1 goal at the end of the day and that’s to spread love and happiness through food which is what Crush Cuisine is about.









By Ogechi

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  1. I purchased a seafood boil for my mom and she enjoyed every bit of it. I am looking forward to getting my meal from Crush Cuisine

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