Adult Film Actress Arietta Adams makes her musical debut as ‘Arie’ with ‘Where the Racks Be’

Artwork by Kid Eight

Produced by Rowezart, Where the Racks Be is a testament to Arie’s experiences in the adult industry as a popular porn star. On the eve of her 21st birthday, her first release is all about harnessing her feminine power to control her own narrative.

Raised in Lakeland, Florida, but currently living in Broward County, Arie is an American adult film star and now music artist. She has always had a love for music as she taught herself how to play the guitar and participated in the choir. She often writes about the trials and tribulations in the adult industry and how she is now following her dreams of being a music star. Make sure to download her brand new app, Arie’s Trap, that accompanies her very first release. Tell us what you think in the comments!

By Dj RootsQueen

Executive Dj

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