W.A.Y., 2une Godi, and WicJones Combine Forces In “No Reason”

W.AY. 2une Godi and WicJones

On New Year’s Day, W.AY., 2une Godi, and WicJones dropped their new single, “No Reason”. The song comes on the heels of W.A.Y.’s debut, cinematic release, 9D.

The focused chanting of the lyrics in “No Reason” speak to the people in our lives who try to tear us down, even when we’re striving for greatness. “Turn the HATE into a positive. There’s so many ways to make light out of dark, so embracing the hate from others and fighting through and still having a good time is what this song was about to me,” 2une Godi said. “We agreed that people hate for no reason because you’re doing your thing, so we thought that would be a great topic at the moment in that time of our lives.”

“W.A.Y. and I wanted to match each other’s skill set and intensity along with WicJones’ raw production,” he shared. “We wanted to bring some hype to our first song. With me living in another state, we all had the mindset of bringing all we got because it was our first time doing something like this. So we switched the flow and rapped faster and took turns coming in after one another on the beat.”

“WicJones and I developed a music relationship and were working together on a regular basis trying to build our chemistry further,” W.A.Y. said. “I met 2une Godi at a showcase in Denver sometime in 2017 and we developed a friendship that lead to a brotherhood at this point… Me and 2une Godi both come from way different backgrounds so rapping with him is always dope. We both go for the kill with everything we say and it was just one of those ‘iron sharpens iron’ moments. We wrote the song and hook together and utilized the back and forth bar for bar style out of just natural flow between each other and that was something that really made the record stand out.”

The process of recording the song took longer than expected, despite recording the vocals in only a few hours. “I actually upgraded my equipment in the time that we initially recorded,” WicJones said. “When we re-recorded vocals…getting the vocal tones to match from completely different equipment was an interesting but fun challenge that I was happy to accept.”

The producer/sound engineer works with some of the top artists in Denver. “The ear training that it takes to hear the subtle differences between each take and making the adjustments to get them to match was a cool little metaphorical ‘notch’ to add to my belt,” he continued.

“We wanted to let the world around us know that HATE would not stand in our way,” W.A.Y. added. “Whether it be from other artists or just people in general. There is a lot of hate in this world and most of the time there isn’t a legitimate reason for it. We wanted to expose this type of negative energy and I hope that whoever carries it hears this song and deads that energy within themselves. Because there is really no reason to be jealous, envious or hateful to anyone, especially when all we’re trying to do is make something of ourselves in this world. Push through, focus on you and what you are doing. Everything else is for the birds.”

Click below to listen to “No Reason”, available to stream and download on all platforms!

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