Trina Ready to Put Hands on Nikki Natural at Love & Hip-Hop Miami Reunion


Trina Rockstar throws heavy blows at Nikki Natural, calls her kids dirty!!

It was another crazy reunion episode for the cast of Love and Hip hop Miami. The reunion which was hosted by media personality Claudia Jordan seemed to be going quite well, with all the cast members working out their issues with each other until it came time for Trina and Nikki Natural to discuss their short comings. First let’s start by giving a major side eye to Jullian Boothe who ‘allegedly’ swindled Trina out of 300k. He allegedly took the money and she never received a dime of it for the production of her album that was never released. Jullian, who is also the manager for Amara La Nagra, never gave a detailed answer as to what he did with the money he received, or why he never gave Trina anything towards the album. His demeanor was also very nonchalant on the reunion.
The fans are still talking about the episode, and everybody clutched their pearls when Trina dragged Nikki for filth. The two women fell out after they had some tension during Trina’s ‘boot camp’. Sukihana and Hood Brat both tried to fight Nikki, and Nikki ended up going off on Trina when she wanted to see what happened. Nikki who was originally dating ‘Trick Daddy’ burned multiple bridges during her first season on the show. The relationship with him didn’t last long after rumors swirled that she was cheating on him with Brisco.
During the reunion Claudia attempted to get the two young ladies to openly and non-violently discuss their issues with each other, but it seemed as if Nikki didn’t want to admit any wrong doing. She added fuel to the fire when she referred to Trick Daddy and Trina as the “King and Queen crabs of Miami”. This triggered Trina into a rage of anger who was basically ready to go ape-s&*# on Nikki Natural. She went on a major rant about how Nikki wouldn’t make it in the industry because she isn’t a real artist, and the only reason she (Trina) gave her a chance is because of Trick Daddy. Trina made sure she completed her annihilation with a fatality and called Nikki’s kids dirty with the final shade that she was “sucking 90-year-old d*&# to take care of her children!” Many fans have already begun to weigh in on the debate as to rather kids are off limits in an argument. Full show link below watch and tell us your thoughts on the matter?


By Ogechi

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