Top 3 Reasons to Book a Dj Feedback Session

Contributor: Lillie Mae

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Why is the DJ so important? Why should you have your music played at a DJ Feedback Session?

Djs are skilled artisans that play an important role in the success of many of your favorite songs. This is why people say “Djs break records”. In a new world where everything is digital and people are entitled, Djs are not given enough credit for the role they play in making hit records. The DJ is often the first to know which new artists have a buzz and what songs are gaining traction in the market. By playing music and interacting with an audience on a consistent basis, Djs have a higher frequency of getting your music heard than other industry affiliates. People buy, stream, and talk about music they first heard from a Dj. Here are the top 3 reasons that Dj Feedback Sessions are so important.

1. Networking

Having a solid network helps you build influence and status growth in a way that helps open door for opportunity in your music career. The power of networking is the key to growing a successful career. As you climb the social ladder, it is important to remember to pay it forward and be the person creating opportunities for other people. The big secret of networking is unselfishness.

2. Access

Participating in a DJ Feedback Sessions gives you access to a solid network of DJs and influencers that can help get your music featured on:

  • Radio Shows
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media Blogs
  • Perform at live shows
  • Have your music playing in clubs

Dj feedback sessions help musicians get valuable feedback from important Djs and influencers by creating digital space for them to network and build lasting relationships. 30 minutes of highly specialized feedback is equal to or more than 1 year of coaching. When used properly our feedback delivers accelerated results.

3. Exposure

The music industry is a highly saturated marketed. The chances of making it as a musician are not very high as 24,000 songs are released on streaming services everyday. In an industry where it seems almost impossible to cut through the clutter, Dj Feedback Sessions specialize in creating the relationships that help get your music in the right hands so you have a better chance of being heard. If you are going to invest into your craft, let the Djs help you make it happen. Connecting with the Djs is a way to tap into a lifetime network and a wide array of services, as many Djs have worldwide affiliations.


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