Texas Rapper Tonka Talks Working with J. White Did It, Ohboyprince and More [Artist Profile]

Tonka texas rap

Tonka texas rap

Fort Worth, Texas rapper Tonka talked with us about his music history included his numerous hit records produced by J. White Did It (Cardi B – “Bodak Yellow” “I Like It”). The southwest native has worked with quite a few big names in the industry.

Now prepping for his upcoming mixtape, Personal, Tonka gives us a look at his longterm goals as well as what we can expect to hear from his latest work. Read his Q&A below and listen to a few of his songs, including “Full Throttle” featuring Ra-Ra the Antidote.

Stage Name 

I Am Tonka

Hometown / Current Location 

Fort Worth, Texas

How would you describe your sound for someone who hasn’t heard you yet? 

Versatile style of lyrical capabilities while putting emotion and feelings of personal experiences in every song.

Brief Music History: 

At the early age of 15 years old, I started producing my own beats while recording in a studio in Euless, TX owned by Big Mike who had an artist and producer that goes by the name Cardo Got Wings. Getting my start there, I then began putting out mixtapes throughout the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth creating a small buzz. From working personally with Grammy-award winning producer J. White Did It to Ohboyprince [f.k.a. Prince Charming of GS Boyz, creator of the platinum single “Stanky Legg”], I am on a mission to be the next major breakout artist.

Biggest achievements: 

7 songs with J. White Did It and 4 songs with Ohboyprince.

What are your most important 3 songs and why? 

“I Might Flex” with Ohboyprince because it has the most streams and radio spins of any song I ever released. Next is “My City” which is produced by J. White. It was my first song with the producer who now has two Grammy’s. Last is “Girls” with Brian Angel, from Diddy’s Making the Band, because he was the first platinum artist I ever worked with.

If you could work with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why? 

If I could work with anyone right now it would be Drake because I feel like he is one of the goats of this generation. He has so much versatility and is one of my favorite artists.

What do you love most about making music? 

I love putting my personal feelings and life into it so everyone can feel what I’ve been through in life.

What are your goals for 2020? 

My goals for 2020 are to release a Billboard single, sign a major record deal, and go on tour with a major established rap artist.

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote? 

My new mixtape is releasing this spring titled Personal.





Socials: @iamtonka817

photo by Steve Paul Productions

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