The Truth About Flat Tummy Tea

We have all seen the posts on Instagram and Facebook hash tagging the infamous #FlatTummyTea by celebrities such as Cardi B and wanna be influencers alike. But what is Flat Tummy Tea? And how does it work? 

A few weeks ago, my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a 2 week supply of Flat Tummy Tea. It was easy to purchase through PayPal, but only available online, which is a negative, because the ease of finding and buying a product is something consumers look for. My package arrived within a few days, and it came with a cute pouch to store my bags of tea in. The bag contained a card that had a message asking me to hold it up and take a picture and post it on my Instagram with certain hash tags. Being a person with 17,000 followers just on that site alone, I decided against that without an endorsement check.
 One bag of tea was bigger than the other, labeled “Activate”. The main ingredient was dandelion root (which I notated). The second bag, “Cleanse”, was somewhat smaller, and the main ingredient was senna root, which I also notated. The tea was high quality, but was loose tea and required purchasing a tea strainer to be able to brew correctly, which is kind of annoying. But the tea actually worked and I got amazing results. However, after some research at my local market, I quickly discovered that Traditional Medicinals makes a “Smooth Move” tea that’s main ingredient is senna root. Smooth Move tea cost me about $9.00 and I had a choice to buy tea bags or Keurig cups (which I decided on). 

That just makes more sense than to spend $36.00 on Flat Tummy Tea. Traditional Medicinals also makes a detox tea containing dandelion root, for even less than the Smooth Move tea. And it’s certified organic. The numbers don’t lie. For less money, you can get the same exact product with the same exact results at your local grocery store! Stay tuned for my next experiment with Dirty Lemon vs homemade black lemonade and hash tag that! 

By Dj RootsQueen

Executive Dj