Stephen King’s “IT” The Final Chapter, Opens With Rave Reviews!


If you’re looking for a movie to see this weekend for a ‘cinematic adventure’, Stephen King’s “IT” got great ratings from movie critic “Film Doll 66”. The Hollywood movie buff already did an amazing review of the film and has the video on her exclusive review on her page. Read what she had to say below….

                     Movie review for “It” Chapter II,

OK, so Stephen King’s “It”, really dove right in to a movie full of climbs, with interesting jumps and little cliffhangers… thank God. But where the movie strongly tied all ends at was with the cast, scenery and imagination. Lets begin with SNL’ s Bill Hader who played Richie, who really captured an emotional scene or two with the undertones of maybe being fluid with his sexual preference as a child and later taking a few hits with sorrow in a scene where( 👀 go watch). His comedy was fitting for the movie as well as his acting. Alongside him was ‘James McAvoy’. The “X-Men” lead actor couldn’t have been a better version of an all grown up “Bill”, but the stutter was over the top at times. The story line plays to a tune a mission of all the once child best friends known as “The Losers”,  reuniting in Derry, to take down the cynical evil child eating clown, Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard. At the start of the film, the movie opens with “It”, taking his 1st victim a young man earlier victimized by homophobic boys at a circus. The horror level in the movie was well set, but there were moments of “okay get to the point”. Midway through your hoping this gets settled, but somehow looking for a demise to It, who all through the film makes you loathe him more and more. It or “Pennywise” left no rock un-turned, and just when you thought he wouldn’t, he would, when it came to turning young children into late night snacks! Imagination carried the movie far and the ending gave me Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 film The Cell vibes due to almost transcending into a world where It controlled your fear and where he lived.

So, was it a good film, YES. Doll scale overall on my 1-10****8

Doll scale on Thrill.. 9. Casting 10 Story-line 6

Go watch and comment your thoughts!!


Carisha The Diva * Film Doll 66


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