Dj Selector Series From Dj Roots Queen Now On Tidal!

Dj Roots Queen is really out here breaking barriers in the streets. The female mixologists, and her manager Roland Williams are dropping slaps when it comes to big Boss moves. After officially signing to Zaytoven’s label as his head Dj, and moving her radio show from Desert Storm to his station Digital Dope, Roots Queen has been hustling feet forward ever since. Also being the co-founder of Zaytown Global, and one of the top booked Djs in Atlanta, her humble personality makes her a pleasure to work with.

The project features some slaps from various artists including Meegan Thee Stallion, Suge, Lil Keed, Bankroll Fresh, abd more. To best describe her playlists she called it ‘icy bops for a hot summer’. Shout out to Tidal for picking up one of the livest Dj’s in the game. The download link is below.

Tidal Stream Link

Being a woman of empowerment and voicing a strong opinion on feminism, Roots Queen would love to see more female Djs in such a male geared industry. The ratio of men to women is completely uneven, especially when the women are not being recognized nearly as much for their skills. Rarely do we even see female’s on the line up at clubs and festivals, but that’s just momentum for someone passionate about her craft to work hard and be just as respected as her male counterparts. To every eager woman living the same truth, continue to push the bar and shine through.

But who’s working harder, because her blog was just featured in the top 200 Hip Hop blogs online. In such a heavily dominated field to be apart of, is proving to beat the odds offering official hip hop & entertaining content to her viewers. Be sure to tell a friend and come out to party with the Queen herself Thursdays @ Club Sutra Lounge in Atlanta for ‘Whine 4 Me Thursdays’.

Carisha The Journalist

By Ogechi

When it comes to Ogechi, energy in the first word that comes to mind. The Nigerian 23 year old is a Singer/songwriter, poet/author, model and dancer with lyrical bars that will leave the listener engaged and thinking critically. Her songwriting abilities and affinity for poetry have an effect on way she writes her raps because she knows what it takes to write something that evokes emotion in the audience… For Ogechi, creating is a spiritual release and we should be honored that The HipHoppa Herself has decided to share with us her experiences and philosophies. Ogechi reminds us what it is to be human, even while affirming our godliness. Ogechi is a creative as she creates what the people need to hear. She is both the artist and the masterpiece at the same time. Ogechi is the future.