CEO of Ray of Beauty Salon A Luxurious Escape, Rayshauna Lampkins Talks New Location in Miami On ‘Live with Carisha’!

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The CEO and founder of the magnificent Luxurious Escape Salon ‘Rayshauna Lampkins’ has been in business for some time now. She sat down for a 1 on 1 with Journalist Carisha The Diva to talk about hew newest location opening in Miami! The challenges of running a business are an endless amount of work, deadlines, and the ups and downs with remaining open. Rather you must deal with employees or customers it is a constant work in progress for any business owner. 2020 has not made it any easier with the devastating impact from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Although she had to close her Jacksonville location for 2 months and lost 2 hair stylists, she got everything back in formation by offering discounted booth rentals and new faces to get the traffic back in the door. You can never stop greatness though, because even through the storm, the Miami location is coming in full effect this November! The Beauty Industry can be even more demanding, when dealing with clients who want to look a certain way and be provided with services in exchange for their money. Women are the top sellers and clients in the beauty industry and Rayshauna is at the top of her game. Her 1st location opened in Jacksonville, Florida September 2019, and with the success of the business her 2nd location is set to open in Miami, Florida November 2020.

Ray of Beauty A Luxurious Escape is an all-purpose glam shop where you can go to get your hair, nails, make-up, and lashes done in 1 pop. It is in short a ‘Beauty Paradise’. Not a stranger to hard work, Rayshauna has been in corporate America as an Operation Manager before making the decision to work for herself, thus birthing the establishment of her salon. Her biggest inspiration is her mother, who is also an author and owner of several successful businesses herself. Of course, being the CEO of a full-service salon, Rayshauna keeps herself in mint condition. Her favorite beauty must-haves are her Savage Fenty Foundation by Rihanna, and her MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. She is deeply passionate about her personal beauty and appearance. She also loves pampering herself! When she is pulling up, she is arriving in true Boss Fashion. The beauty industry is a never-ending business. According to Forbes as of 2019 it is a Billion-dollar industry.

      Some Fun Facts about Ray of Beauty & Interview below.

Rayshauna the owner of 2 premiere salons in Florida talks running her business, services, background and more. Her newest location will be Miami Florida. As a professional Beauty Salon since 2019, Ray of Beauty- A Luxurious Escape has everything to keep you looking and feeling ravishing for that special occasion you have lined up. Our goal is to make sure you get VIP treatment so you walk out as the best version of yourself. Contact us today and treat yourself to any one of our pampering services! Get in Touch https://www.rayofbeautyaluxuriousesca…

Jacksonville Location: 9713 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville Fl, 32216 Tel. 19043795162

Miami Location: 4106 Palm Ave, Hialeah Fl 33016

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