Police Brutality and Racism is Not Just an American Problem

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Last week, I had a business trip scheduled for Norway that turned into a nightmare. COVID-19 had finally ruined my travel plans.

Due to travel restrictions, the Dutch border (IND) at the Amsterdam Airport, more commonly known to the Dutch as Schiphol, recently laid down some heavy travel restrictions on passengers catching connecting flights to other countries. I noticed that all of the people who were detained and sent back to their countries were people of color. My travel companion was a person of color, so I met the same fate. I witnessed Dutch Immigration violate mine and other’s rights in several ways. We lost thousands of dollars in money we spent on Covid-19 tests that Norway said we needed to enter the country, travel expenses, plane tickets, and a hold up on a business deal. More horrifyingly, We saw them inhumanely restrain a tiny woman with male guards taking her use the restroom hog tied and on a leash while she sobbed uncontrollably. Several hours later we saw that same woman taken out by medics on a gurney as we were stranded in the airport while our luggage and passports were confiscated like we were criminals for the next 24 hours. When we arrived back in America, I received a phone call about Sammy from a reliable source. This motivated me to do some research of my own.

Police brutality killed Sammy Seewald, a 23 year old German national and EU citizen was brutally shot and killed by police in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My attention immediately shifted to this heartbreaking story about a biracial fitness influencer who was shot and killed by Dutch police in Amsterdam on his birthday. It is not clear what led up to the police confronting Sammy in Amsterdam that day, but his family stated that he had been missing for 2 days prior and suspected he was experiencing psychosis that affected his mental state. A video posted online shows Sammy wielding a knife and threatening to hurt himself. Seewald was shot three times by police following a struggle, during which he stabbed one officer in a bullet proof vest with a knife. In my opinion, this situation sounds like a mental health crisis the officers were not trained to handle. Please help his family by signing his petition to have the officers held accountable for his murder. His family has asked that you follow @justiceforsammy_bkr on Instagram. #JusticeforSammy


According to Chris Kline, recent Sudan asylum decisions in the Netherlands signal the moral collapse of the Dutch.

The Dutch government claims Sudanese refugees no longer face the threat of danger, despite ongoing conflict in Sudan. Recent violence in Sudan’s Darfur region forces thousands to flee to several other countries in Africa and Europe. Many are criticizing this decision by accusing the Dutch government as being tone deaf for ignoring a very real threat and danger to Sudanese citizens who are still fleeing the area as late as November 2020.

The life expectancy of Sudan is about 50 years old as the risk of major diseases is very high. 20 years of conflict have left over 2 million dead, 4 million displaced, and 600,000 listed as refugees living outside the country. According to Ahara, the constant ignorance of the Sudanese government continues to impede humanitarian relief being sent to Darfur. In my opinion, the constant conflict and threats to food security make it is quite obvious that European countries (Israel included) need to behave as other African countries (like Chad) and continue to allow asylum to Sudanese refugees, not just those living in the Netherlands. You can find more information about how to help people living in Sudan here.

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Civilians in Nigeria have been extorted, raped, tortured, and killed by police officers from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad – SARS.

The recent highly publicized protests in Nigeria forced the government to disband the task force, but our help is still needed to enforce police reforms and prosecution of SARS officers. The youth staged the biggest uprising in a generation, but the protestors are saying that the government is conducting covert campaigns with the goal of breaking up the movement. Help end impunity for violence in Nigeria by emailing President Muhammadu Buhari and Attorney General Abubakar Malami.

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