Nyke Nitti is Playing No Games Now as a Producer

Regionally famed Nyke Nitti out of Denver, Colorado transitioned into producing just a couple years ago but he is already in his 7th full length production with this week’s release IssNykeNittiOnDaSlappTellEm – No Games. The album is the second installment of the same name featuring some of the regions top artists like Esi Juey, Young Doe, Colorado Myrical, A Meazy, Flawless Money while also luring OGs out like Vamp Dogg and Tuxx Da Go Boi.

The title track has a cool classic West Coast vibe with Mic Tee singing the hook and Esi Juey and Colorado Myrical adding the lyrical sauce on the verses. Check out the video here…

The video is more of a historical preservation as the historic 5 Points neighborhood as all but been forcibly gentrified in the last few years. The Five Point area of Denver was once known as the ‘Harlem of the West’ but has been inundated with boutiques, coffee shops and quirky little restaurants in the last few years.

Nitti has taken classic production style with whiny West Coast leads, dripped in updated new age sounds, a point Nyke shared with us at the video shoot. “A lot of people tell me that my production is what they been looking for, like people don’t make beats like this much anymore.”

But it didn’t come right away Nitti confesses, “people had to come over, put the headphones on and really vibe before they were feeling me.” The producer stayed making beats despite artists not immediately jumping on his production but due to his work ethic and dedication he kept on his path.  “This is my gym, I’m in here everyday. I make beats everyday,” said Nitti.

One of his first projects as a producer was last year’s Eat This Beat Vol. 1, where he also worked besides Mo Heat, Tc Crook and Cheff Premier, vets in the game who each have their own loyal following. By having his own recording equipment he was able to bridge some of those relationships and continues to provide stylistic beats for to any artist who’s ready to rock with him.

Click here to hear the new album…



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