Nicki Minaj Called Meek Mill A Woman Beater & He Responds Nicki Minaj Was Aware Her Brother Was A Rapist!!

Nicki Minaj called out Meek Mill as a ‘woman beater’, and the Maybach Music former artist clapped right back. Trouble in the Hip-Hop world with New York native Nicki Minaj, and the GOAT of Philadelphia, Meek Mill!!! Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Miraj was recently sentenced to 25 years to life for raping a 11 year old girl, and rap artist Meek Mill has put it in the atmosphere that Nicki Minaj was fully aware of the child rape going on, and that is the reason he separated himself from the ‘Pink Print’ artist. Her older brother Jelani has been sentenced for predatory sexual assault. He was charged with repeatedly raping a 11 -year-old girl at his Long Island, New York home. There was also DNA evidence found on the victim.

The mess hit the fan on Wednesday, when the two hip-hop artist had a entire tweet war, starting with Nicki Minaj tweeting about Meek Mill initially.

“Trigger fingers turn to #TwitterFingers bad built face (expletive) obsessed with the Queen,” Minaj tweeted.

Minaj, who married Kenneth Petty in October after a year of dating, stated that Meek Mill had been tweeting about her man for a year now,  and alluded to a run-in they had at a clothing store in West Hollywood.

About a week ago, TMZ released footage of the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper getting into a verbal altercation with Minaj and Petty while they were out shopping.

Minaj didn’t let up there. The “Chun-Li” artist also alleged that Mill ‘beat your own sister and taped it’ and “kicked me in front your mother and sent her to the hospital.”  She also criticized the rapper’s reconciliation with Drake after their beef, questioning his loyalty and character.

Meek Mill has made a lengthy response stating Nicki Minaj was fully aware that her brother was having nonconsensual sex with a underaged girl. He always went on to say she is attacking him because she is upset her money is running low, and has lost a lot of clout in the industry for being a ‘mean person. Nicki Minaj has had a altercation with several names in the business including Cardi B, Remy Ma, Miley Cyrus, Drake, and Migos.  Read below and tell us if you think Nicki Minaj was aware that her brother was a creeper….

By Ogechi

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