Nardo Mula – Indie Artist Profile Interview

Nardo Mula

Who is Nardo Mula? We asked a few questions to get to know the Charleston, SC rapper better. He presently has the single and performance video for “Out The Streets” available now, as well as his previous releases “Mo Change” featuring 42 Dugg and “Up to Sumn” featuring Boosie.

Where are you from originally? Where are you located now?

I am from Charleston, SC. I am located now in Charlotte, NC.

How did you get your start in music?

In 2007, I started creating music as an outlet to speak my mind. In 2009, I released my first mixtape to the public.

How would you describe your sound?

Raw, uncut, nonfiction, motivational, inspirational.

Which songs are you most known for?

“Up to Sumn”, “Mo Change”, and “Out the Streets.”

What music did you like growing up? Who are you currently listening to?

I always loved R and B, especially Lauryn Hill. I am currently listening to Babyface Ray and Icewear Vezzo.

What are the most important things you want to let fans know about right now?

That the reality I put in my music is there to inspire you to accomplish whatever goal it is you want.

What do you love most about making music?

The way it frees you from your mind and current problems.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

One of the hottest artists in the game, a gatekeeper for SC, and one of the most known breeders throughout America.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I’m known as a person that whatever I want I’m going to achieve, I don’t know anything less than going hard.

Socials and web links:

@nardomula on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

By MsRivercity

MsRivercity (@MsRivercity) is an internationally-published rap journalist / photographer and record promoter. She has spearheaded media campaigns for some of the biggest names in rap music including 2Chainz, Future, Lil Baby, Migos, and many more.

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