Miss Sophia Is Back, And Gives Her Take On Malik Yoba “Coming Out!”

Carisha The Diva

Malik Yoba has been trending heavily on the social media sphere with his latest bombs regarding an attraction for Male to Female Transsexuals. With the recent suicide of a Philadelphia man, Maurice Willoughby, who endured extensive bullying for dating a trans woman, several prominent names in the LGBT community have spoken out about the stigmas regarding trans women. Maurice also know as “Reese Him Daddy”, went viral after a Facebook post circulated of him defending his relationship with former girlfriend ‘Faith’, a MtoF (Male to Female) trans woman. His death has sparked debate and awareness worldwide to the problems that are being dealt with everyday in the Trans community. Actor Malik Yoba has been swiftly caught under fire not for standing with trans women, but for supposedly dating under aged trans girls in the past. 1 of the alleged victims went on a Facebook live video to scold Malik as coming out only to avoid the heat for these actions.  Miss.Sophia is back at V-103 and speaking on the situation. Watch and let us know your thoughts below…

By Ogechi

When it comes to Ogechi, energy in the first word that comes to mind. The Nigerian 23 year old is a Singer/songwriter, poet/author, model and dancer with lyrical bars that will leave the listener engaged and thinking critically. Her songwriting abilities and affinity for poetry have an effect on way she writes her raps because she knows what it takes to write something that evokes emotion in the audience… For Ogechi, creating is a spiritual release and we should be honored that The HipHoppa Herself has decided to share with us her experiences and philosophies. Ogechi reminds us what it is to be human, even while affirming our godliness. Ogechi is a creative as she creates what the people need to hear. She is both the artist and the masterpiece at the same time. Ogechi is the future.