#MessyMondays TI + TINY Allegations, Billionaires vs ALL, Trey Songz Arrested!

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TI + TINY Family Attacks??

Unfortunately, our ATL Trap Creator T.I. and his wife Xscape member Tiny’s “former friend” Glam has exposed the alleged dirty deeds the couple have inflicted upoon women over the years. The allegations include kidnapping, drugging, and forcing women into sexual acts against their will. (YIKES!) Since the woman in question come forward, upwards of 10+ women also came forward to tell their stories. T.I. and Tiny were just in the news after Sabrina P accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head, to which Tiny came to his defense on social media, attempting to call Sabrina out for lying. As of Friday, no official charges have been filed and several stories have already been proven to be fake.

DIS TEW MUCH!!! 2021 just started and it’s already a mess.

Billionaires Take A Hit and Try To Hit The Little Guy

In the midst of the #silhlouettechallenge, I’m sure you’ve seen stocks flood your timeline. To make things a bit simple, A reddit forum noticed a hedge fund had “shorted” Gamestop [ meaning they borrowed X in stock and sold it immediately at its current price, in hopes that the overall stock price would drop, then they could buy back  X in stock at a lower price. Then return what the borrowed and profit the difference.]

Now due to the Reddit noticing this, they convinced the Reddit forum to buy, buy, buy Gamestop making the stock price rise (not drop as the Hedge fund intended) forcing the Hedge Fund to buy back the stocks they shorted at a higher price (thus losing ALOT of money). This making the stock rise even further up. [This is called a short squeeze]. Now, all the drama and lawsuits come in when free trading apps such as Robinhood closed the market to everyday users like you and me, thus kicking us out of major money making possibilities. Everyone from President Biden to senators to business owners are now calling for Robinhood’s and others NECKS as doing this, some have come to believe it is or should be illegal.

Couples Drama!

With a recent string of sadgirl posts on Instagram it seems as though MoneyBagg Yo and girlfriend Ari (TheRealKylesSister) have broken up. Some of their fans say she is trolling but others speculate that this pairing won’t make it through the year.

If you tuned into Lifetime this past weekend, you may have caught Wendy Williams biopic, but Wendy put herself right into the rumor earlier last week when it was exposed she had a one-night stand with Method Man! This affair happening years and years ago when Method’s WIFE was sick with cancer, which Wendy, while in her radio days, took right to the air the following day and exposed.

Tha Rest!

Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole didn’t live up to the much anticipated hype and it felt like the girls weren’t with it either, Keyshia coming in over and hour late and Ashanti living in her phones and eating Doritos. It was something if you missed that Thursday, you didn’t miss much.

Trey Songz was arrested last week in Kansas City, MO during the Chiefs game (Congrats, they headed to the SuperBowl!). Trey and his entourage allegedly refused to obey mask orders and was eventually put under arrest. He then (as seen on video) allegedly he punched an officer and put him in a headlock as Trey claims the officer came to him aggressively. He was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and for assault of a police officer. Trey has since been released and his team have yet to make a statement.

Chloe Bailey, of the sister duo Chloe X Halle, and Beyonce protege made waves for introducing the silhouette challenge and showing her sexy side of her (breaking over 1 milli on her now separate IG page in the process) but made news again for releasing an IG Live statement in tears responding to the backlash she received. She opened up about overcoming her insecurity issues and how her IG wasn’t made for y’alls approval. End of story, LEAVE CHLOE ALONE!

Whew! That’s it for this edition of #MessyMondays. We hope you have a great week and tune into Rude Girl Radio’s Live Broadcast Thursdays 3pm-6pm ET.

Till next week, stay messy.

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