Meet Atlanta Entrepreneur, Neisha Davis

A Native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Neisha is a young, female, entrepreneur with multiple businesses.

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As the youngest of three siblings, Neisha has always been around music, talent, and southern culture. The majority of her family are artists and musicians. Although she comes from a creative background, she had some struggles growing up as her mom was addicted to drugs and her father was in and out of her life and passed away when she was 12. After that, tragedy struck again with Hurricane Katrina and she had to relocate. Having always been extraordinarily strong and very independent, Neisha made her way to Atlanta, Ga. She used to always feel abandoned and often questioned her purpose but had faith that her trials and tribulations would pass and she would have a fairytale ending. Now she has made it her goal and purpose to help others find their own. Even though her journey has not been smooth, they make Neisha who she is today and she appreciates the journey and the process.

It has never been an easy path from my childhood to adulthood. I have always been very independent with a string drive to be successful. I have gone through so many obstacles over the years and still to this day. I have had many setbacks, but even more major comebacks. I have faced so many challenges that have caused me to go harder for what I want to achieve. I believe that if you continue to strive, your opportunities are endless, but the challenges are always going to be there. My strategy for success is staying on top of everything and knowing a little bit about everything.

Neisha Davis

Neisha’s event, Entrepreneur’s Takeover is about helping businesses connect, brand, and revamp. Presented by Southern Bliss Connections, the Entrepreneur’s Takeover 2021 All White Event is the most effective way for online businesses to meet their customers in person. Connecting with other entrepreneurs adds great value to small businesses by motivating start-up businesses to go beyond the norm and step outside their comfort zone.

Sponsored by Zaytown Global, Zaytoven’s brand new artist platform, this event is being held Saturday, July 31, 2021 at Studio House Atlanta, located at 75 John Wesley Dobbs, Atlanta, Ga. 30303. Vendor check-in is starts at 11am, and the event time is 1pm to 5pm ET. This event is hosted by the charismatic Phresh Briscoe of Right Vibe Entertainment who is an A&R at Sony Music and RocStar Music Group. Live interviews are to be conducted by Atlanta’s media queen, Carisha the Diva, and music vibes will be curated by Dj Roots Queen. Special guest speaker is Antonio Moorman, philanthropist, CEO, and owner of TCA Entertainment.

Neisha always has a dance team come and perform and this month, White Diamonds Dance Team of ATL will be in the building as well as poet Verb Williams, fitness and health instructor, Jamie Johnson, and violinist, Corbin Allen. No event is complete without live performers, so there will be some amazing talent in the building, including Zoe Larocc, Grindin Pun, Mally Mal, Siren X, Nick Walker, Iyah Wise, Brian Defon, Baby Huncho, Aykay, and Honey Simone. There are vendor spots still available and the entry fee is only $5.

The purpose of this event is to help grow connections with other entrepreneurs by gaining knowledge about different businesses in multiple industries, and networking to develop quality brand exposure. The goal is to teach the community about powerhouse businesses while focusing on growth and development of smaller businesses and networking and collaborating with other business leaders.

Photo by Karetova

In this industry, you must be consistent. Remember to always be you and never feel like you are not important because you are. Be honest and loyal. Know your role and your place. Do not be afraid to get out and meet new people. Stay connected and build relationships. I am always helping people build themselves and expand their businesses. You will never know the outcome until you ask.

Neisha Davis

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