Joe Biden on Ahmaud Arberry Murder “Video is clear evidence Arberry was killed in cold blood.”

By: Carisha J.

Democratic President hopeful, Joe Biden speaks out about the cold-blooded murder of Ahmaud Arberry in Brunswick, Georgia.


As of now the mainstream media is aware of the murder of yet another unarmed black man in the United States. The town of Brunswick, Georgia is under severe racial tension after two armed and dangerous white males Gregory and Travis McMichael chased down an innocent black man who was jogging through the neighborhood, and shot him dead in the middle of the street with a rifle. In details, Gregory and Travis McMichael are father and son. The father Gregory McMichael is a retired District Attorney and police detective in the state of Georgia.

It was a lovely day outside, and 25-year-old Ahmaud Arberry, who stayed fit since graduating high-school as a football player often took to the free land of America to exercise and stay in shape. While on his normal run, he was spotted by neighbors who allegedly suspected him to be a thief guilty of making house robberies in their neighborhood. Armed and extremely dangerous the father/son duo drove up beside him while he was running and unaware of his fate. The son, Travis McMichael had a short struggle with him (Ahmaud Arberry) as he attempted to take the rifle from the man, Travis shot him which was the cause of death. Once Ahmaud Arberry was on the ground, McMichael rolled his limp body over to see if he had a gun. After instantly bleeding out, he was pronounced dead once the police arrived at the scene. His murder took place in February and is just now beginning to hit major media outlets around the world.

The mother of Ahmaud Arberry, Wanda Cooper told CBS the video proved her son’s innocence. There is a lot of confusion in the black community as to why no charges have been brought up in such a heinous act of crime. Due to the court systems in Georgia being closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no jury or court of law open to begin a trial. This past Tuesday, District Attorney Tom Durden mentioned in a statement that the case should be presented to a grand jury for consideration of criminal charges.

The facts stand that Ahmaud Arberry was only 25 years old. Arberry was not armed, and he was not the suspect in any break-ins. While they committed a murder in February, they both have been free at home, with the luxury to sleep in their beds, while Ahmaud’s remains are confined forever to a coffin. He was a former high-school football star. George Barnhill, the District Attorney of Waycross Georgia did not see any reason to take a case to trial. He also cited it as a Stand Your Ground Law . Democratic President nominee Joe Biden, mentioned after seeing the video that it is “clear evidence Arberry was killed in cold blood, and this calls for a transparent investigation.”

By Ogechi

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