F.L.Y. Mook – “PreRolled”

F.L.Y. Mook dropped his EP, “PreRolled”, for the 4/20 but the project hits just as good any other time of the year. The 5 song compilation is an ideal session soundtrack, with it lasting just long enough for the last toke. Opening with DreWisdom production on “WYSO”, the rest of the EP features BoogieBoard9 beats.… Continue reading F.L.Y. Mook – “PreRolled”

OtayFengShui – “Electric” feat. Mango Foo

OtayFengShui amps up the energy with his new single, “Electric”, featuring Mango Foo. Switching up the vibe from his previous release, “Texting & Calling”, OtayFengShui keeps the tone light & fun in this record. Mango Foo slides in perfectly over Chuck The Producer’s beat creating a harmonious merge of sounds. OtayFengShui is known for creating… Continue reading OtayFengShui – “Electric” feat. Mango Foo

Soufside Kash – “Greenbox Chronicles”

Soufside Kash used inspiration from his past struggles and future undertakings to compose “Greenbox Chronicles”. The 11 song project hosts pre-releases “Walk With Me” and “Throw It Up”, along with new tracks like “Corruption In My City” and lead single, “Pain In Ga”, featuring Money Way Vegas. With this tape, Soufside Kash shines light on… Continue reading Soufside Kash – “Greenbox Chronicles”

Soufside Kash – “Throw It Up” (Music Video)

Soufside Kash presents the official music video for his most recent single, “Throw It Up”. Representing Riverdale, Ga, Soufside Kash uses his country sound to deliver classic southern hip hop vibes. Showing love and celebrating life is the theme for this smooth track. As Soufside Kash gears up for the release of his mixtape, “Greenbox… Continue reading Soufside Kash – “Throw It Up” (Music Video)

D-Lo G – “Free Throws” (New Music)

D-Lo G scores again with his new single, “Free Throws”. This melodious record features the Brooklyn born rapper fusing his Atlanta influence on the track to create an unmatched vibe. D-Lo G smoothly navigates the laid-back beat, produced by Macfly Beatz, and comes out with a song that the ladies find appealing and fellas can… Continue reading D-Lo G – “Free Throws” (New Music)