NLE Choppa’s ‘Cottonwood’ is a Cinematic Experience

Last month, 17-year-old platinum rap star NLE Choppa released his official debut project, Cottonwood along with a trippy, nearly 11-minute docufilm. The short-film visual delivers the story of a less-fortunate teen who gets everything he could want faster than he ever imagined. The catch is the pressure that comes with the fast life. In the video, NLE Choppa takes fans into his… Continue reading NLE Choppa’s ‘Cottonwood’ is a Cinematic Experience

Interview: Manolo Rose

Manolo Rose sits down with Dj RootsQueen and discusses life in Brooklyn, how he got into rapping, and his first time meeting Jay Z. Dj RootsQueen recently sat down with Brooklyn artist and rap producer, Manolo Rose. Manolo, known for his catchy beats and lyrical flow, channels all genres of music in his palette from… Continue reading Interview: Manolo Rose

2019 XXL Freshman ‘Bullied Online’

Chances are if you have any kind of social media account, you can believe how nasty and unhappy people can be in their lives. Every year XXL releases their line up of the next upcoming stars to make it in the hip hop world. The gag is, that some of the people selected to make… Continue reading 2019 XXL Freshman ‘Bullied Online’