Entertainment / Business Mogul Deshawn Rattliff Scaling Through the South! 💯

We are at the most revolutionary time right now in the entertainment industry! Rather you’re an artist, DJ, actor, record label, or even a hair stylist the number of independent contractors flourishing especially in Atlanta has sky – rocketed since the pandemic! Today more and more people are walking away from positions in Fortune 500 companies, offices and taking the leap of faith to build their own empires from the ground up! To do so takes a certain type of dedication, resilience and strength to tap into uncharted waters. Deshawn Rattliff aka Ocho Cinco has jumped into the waters just a few years ago and has been diving through the trenches ever since!

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA the budding entrepreneur wanted to make a way on his own so 10+ years ago he came to the Mecca of Black Hollywood, Atlanta. Anyone who has taken a chance with betting on themselves can relate to his story. 15 years ago, he moved to Georgia with his family and had to immediately adjust to a new environment and a shock compared to back home in Pittsburgh.

Deshawn is an entrepreneur in every sense. He’s also a father so he’s always going to put the extra work in to make sure that his family is taken care of!

The budding entrepreneur is the CEO of his own Dog Breeding Business, Za Za Kennels. Being a devoted family man, his children love animals, so he launched the business as a way to bridge his children with him. Za Za Kennels currently has French Bulldogs, Old English breeds and the infamous XL Bullys. The pricing ranges from $1k up to $10k on his more exotic breeds, and Za Za Kennels ensures that you’re getting top of the line service at all times!

Follow Za Za Kennals on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zazakennals/ and the pups at https://www.instagram.com/frenchi_on_the_nawf/

Moving to Atlanta, 1 of the most popular cities in the music industry Inspired him to jump in on the wave in the south. Not only does Deshawn manage artists, but he’s open and available for artist consultations as well. If you’re unsure of the direction you want to go in with your music tap in with him! He is also the owner of ‘Bounce on the North Studio’ in Gwinnett. This full-service sound haven has professional engineers and is a solid place where he connects with his artists and other clients.

Deshawn has talented artists under his belt and a quiet mentor in the industry Benny the Butcher, whom he says he gets solid advice from. This is a man always hustling and grinding to be better than he was the day before!

Mentioning that he gets great advice from Buffalo, New York rapper Benny the Butcher, the most valuable information he’s received was that ‘it’s not for everybody, this industry is not always as good as it looks’. With a solid MC like Benny in support of him, several successful growing businesses, and ready to take 2023 by storm, Deshawn is heating up and building his table of success with his team!

This year he plans to be more involved at his studio. Already there 5xs a week he plans to push out more star power from his elite roster including Bray Druz, Mr. Major, Succa Free, Ceeb, Pluggedin Diego, Loney B, K- Rose Royalty.

“My thoughts on the music business are simply networking. If you don’t have a lot of networking skills, you won’t survive. You have to do things that you’re not comfortable doing sometimes but you will also need to have a serious network!”

                                                                                                                                     Deshawn Rattliff

Follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/d4dnawf/

To contact Deshawn in regard to animal purchase, studio time, management, consultations etc. please email him at corey_deshawn91@yahoo.com

Check out his Star artist Bray Druz

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