Deshawn Rattliff Shows How to Build Businesses in the South!

Atlanta is a melting pot of talent, content creators, artists, actors, and people overall looking to turn dreams into reality. Everyday people relocate to the city in hopes of building an independent foundation from the ground up. In short, it’s the place where you can achieve as much as you want when you’re putting the work in. For Deshawn Rattliff, also known as Ocho Cinco by his peers, he is doing just that.

Hailing from Gwinnett Georgia, Ocho Cinco is one of the few who plans to further his portfolio as a serial entrepreneur. His nickname Ocho Cinco is a tribute to his home city of Gwinnett which is located 85 North. In the streets Deshawn is well respected and appreciated for his values, business sense, and professionalism. As a family man he works extremely hard on his day-to-day endeavors to make sure that not only are his loved ones taken care of, but his career paths continue to flourish.

Living in Atlanta is like living in a real time music video. In the city some artists go to extreme measures to not only look the part but invest top dollar into their music. Most serious artists travel through the city for shows, and the extensive networking you can accomplish outside at the right places. With the establishment of social media, DIY music uploading platforms, independent techniques that ween out the need for mainstream record labels the chances of earning revenue working in the music industry has greatly increased. For Deshawn he understands that 100% and has his hands in the pot with his list of talented artists through his management company, Bounce on the Nawf Management Service. Managing music artists requires patience, heavy networking, income, a knowledge of the music business and above all tough skin to get in the trenches to make things happen.

Deshawn launched his own music studio to assist with his artists careers. Smoke Sound Studios in Gwinnett County is a premiere stop where you can go for a fine-tuned sound and quality engineering for your art. His roster is well taken care of under his management company and this 2023 the city will be seeing a lot more especially from 1 of his popular artists Bray Druz.

Not slowing down with his entrepreneur takeover, he also owns a dog-breeding kennel in Memphis Tennessee. How he finds the time to breed dogs is astonishing. With 25 dogs at his kennel, he has Frenchies, Yorkies, and Old English breeds that he looks over. As an animal lover he is excited to kick off the next segment in that lane, a clothing line for pets! 407 Clothing brand will be launching this April 2023.

“Since I’ve been working with dogs so much, I decided to create a clothing line to go hand in hand with my breeding service and create clothes for animals” Deshawn Rattliff

In July 2020 he really began to go wheels up and get all of his ventures off the ground. Today he is successfully making things happen for himself and doesn’t have to answer to anyone. His goals overall are to build his name into a full lifestyle brand with all around success from the clothing line, artist management, and grow into a household name on the entrepreneur forefront! 407 Clothing is also a brand for adults as well. The line will launch this year so stay tuned.

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