Def’s Latest Project “Def Resurrected” Drops tonight!

by Anne Carlson

Tyrece Robertson known as “DEF” was born in Henderson KY October 29, 1988. Def attended schools in Evansville IN completing Bosse High.  He remains close to his Mom, Dad and 4 siblings. His Dad Michael “DJ Black Death” Robertson connecting him with the industry. Tyrece always had a burning desire to do music, loved freestyling and the applause of his friends served to encourage him even more. As he matured, he came to the realization that this is what makes him feel truly “complete”!  Def has used the story of Master P as his inspiration and he is striving to become a major independent influencer.

Tyrece is set on leaving a legacy for his daughter as well as his nieces and nephews. His philosophy is to put himself into the music, keep sending positive messages and have something to “hand off” to the next generation.

Def says, It doesn’t matter your situation, You can come up!

His major project to date is SLOW MONDAYS AND HOT FRIDAY NIGHTS – 28 GRAMS. This is truly the beginning for Def and he is ready to meet the future head on with positivity and determination. The latest Def project is set for release September 13, 2019. Stay tuned for this blockbuster project DEF RESURRECTED! It will not disappoint.

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By Dj RootsQueen

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