Dee30shotss Talks Upcoming Mixtape and More [Interview]


Dee30shotss (Dee 30shotss) says he’s coming for the top. The Atlanta rapper is doing major numbers on Soundcloud and his Instagram and street following are steadily growing. I recently had a very inspirational talk with him about the direction of his rising career. In this interview, he confidently addresses media controversy, negative criticism, and he reveals his sentiments on being a father. 

Read more below about his upcoming music projects, including the “Real Spill” mixtape, and follow on social media: @dee30shotss

What part of Atlanta are you from or where do you represent?

I’m from Pittsburgh. I represent Dill Avenue. I was raised up on Dill Avenue. It’s like three minutes away. When I was young we moved on Dill and I’ve been reppin’ Dill ever since.

How did you get started in music and grow your fan base? Give me your history.

This is how I got started in music — I had went to prison for three years. I had a homeboy — I call him B.K. ’cause he’s from Brooklyn — and one day I came to him and was like, ‘man, I’m goin’ through some sh*t.’ He was like, ‘man, you should rap. You got a lot of sh*t you be goin’ through. You should start rappin’ about what you goin’ through.’ So I was like, f*ck it, I’ma do it.

So one day I wrote this rap called “Real Spill.” I came to him one day and rapped it to him. He was like, ‘that sh*t hard. Bro, you need to start rappin’.” It’s been up ever since. I got out and went to the studio and started rappin’. 

How I built my fan base — I’ve been known in the streets and got a name and reputation. It’s a lot of people already knew who I was. When they heard me start rappin’, people started tagging me and sharing my stuff. My fan base been growing ever since and it’s still in the process.

Do you think music has changed your direction in life [for the better]? Since you’ve been making music, what’s changed for you?

Music so far has made me stay focused. It keeps me out of a lot of trouble. I’m in the studio. It’s time consuming. It’s showing me who my fake friends is and who are my fake peers. People really don’t want to support you. A lot of people don’t believe I rap — they be like, ‘oh he ain’t talking about nothin’.’ Until they hear my music. 

What all have you been able to accomplish musically? What have been some of your biggest moments so far?

I got “Real Spill” the mixtape dropping on January 8th, 2021. It’s like 13-14 songs. I got the single “Not Average” out right now produced by multi-platinum producer Quay Global. I got the “Shooting Star” Rod Wave Remix [cover]. I’m just waiting on my moment and humbling myself. 

How has the COVID pandemic affected you as far as being an artist? Were you performing before all of this and are you still out and about on the stage?

Sh*t, I’m still out and about. COVID don’t stop sh*t. Practice social distancing and keep it moving. You gotta have a lot of ambition and I got a lot of ambition. Doing this music, you can’t let nothing stop you. You can’t let nothing get in your way — not even COVID…but I do keep my distance. [laughs]

You have the mixtape coming out at the top of 2021. Where do you hope to be in a year from that release in 2022? What’s your vision for your career?

I hope to be on top of the Billboard. I know I’ma be on top and have a number one hit. I’ma invest in property. I’m looking into real estate. I’m going to invest in my kids so my kids can have stuff when I leave. Every day not guaranteed so I’ma leave stuff for my kids and make sure they straight. I should be on top in 2022. I wanna work with a lot of artists — Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Thug, Travis Scott, NBA Youngboy. In 2022 I’ma dominate the game. I promise you. Watch that.

Speaking of your kids, I noticed you have some pictures of them on your Instagram (@dee30shotss). What’s fatherhood like for you?

Fatherhood is basically responsibility. It makes you become a man. When you got a human being who’s depending on you constantly and needing things, you gotta provide no matter what. You can’t let that human being starve. Even on down to the mother, even if y’all not doing so well and not together, you still have to make sure she straight because she got your offspring. I take care of all my kids. I have four kids — a six-year-old, a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and a one-year-old. I was locked down when she was born but so far I’ve been there for her ever since I been home. 

I love my kids. They’re indescribable. They’re smart. They the reason I strive to be the best. I want to be able to leave my legacy and a great future behind.

I imagine that would be pretty motivational. Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, you got your kids depending on you so it’ll keep you going.

Right. When I was locked down I used to think about them every day. I don’t see how people can leave and abandon they kids. They’re a blessing. The mother or father may not have worked out but the kids are a blessing. I could never just leave my kids. I don’t see how people can do that. I got love for mines.

I also noticed on Instagram you made some comments about the media giving you some negative attention or painting you in a negative light. I wanted to give you an opportunity to address that — how do you want people to see you, in your own words?

People gon’ see you how they gon’ wanna see you anyways. They gon’ grab a picture and they gon’ paint without even looking at you. They constantly criticize and say, ‘oh, he sound like NBA Youngboy. Oh, he sound like this person and that person.’ I have my own sound. I don’t go in the studio and sound like nobody. No disrespect. 

They criticize and they don’t even know you. A lot of people are miserable. They wake up and get on social media. That’s they’re way of coping with life. That’s not my way of coping with life. I get to the point where I don’t even read comments no more. I always show my fans love. When I see them out in the streets I take pictures. When they tell me they like my music I say thank you. I’ma always be there for my fans. Without my fans I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I just want social media to know I am a young man trying to make it to the top, who ain’t gon’ never fall. I’ma climb the mountain and no matter how many times I fall I’ma keep climbin’ till I get to the top. So any negative comments y’all can say, keep that. Type it. All publicity good publicity. It is what it is.

To wrap it up, a real quick recap — you have the mixtape coming out January 8th. What other singles should we be looking out for? Any videos? Is there anything else your fans should know about?

The mixtape is dropping everywhere – Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, MyMixtapez, Youtube. It’s dropping on all platforms everywhere. Go get that. I got 13 songs [including] “Not Average”. I shot a video for “Remember Me” — the film that went viral on my page of me getting shot or whatever, I shot a video for that. Be on the lookout. I got President Kinte. Shout out to him and AMG rappers. It’s a movie. I put a lot of pain and overtime into this tape. I know they gon’ feel me when they hear this. I got “Long Time Coming” too — that’s a hit. Once you hear that, it’s gon’ bring you back to the days where you ain’t have nothing. It gon’ make you appreciate what you got going on. I promise you when I hit I don’t miss. You might as well get you a board and ride the wave.

Words by: MsRivercity (@MsRivercity) is an internationally-published music journalist, photographer, and media specialist. She has championed publicity campaigns for Future, Lil Baby, Migos, 2 Chainz and many more. Watch her interviews and subscribe on Youtube.

By MsRivercity

MsRivercity (@MsRivercity) is an internationally-published rap journalist / photographer and record promoter. She has spearheaded media campaigns for some of the biggest names in rap music including 2Chainz, Future, Lil Baby, Migos, and many more.

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