Celebrity Blogger Maui Bigelow & others speak on Beyonce’s Ivy Park / Adidas Collection Not Including Plus Sizes!

Several people have spoken up against the recent new trendy Ivy Park / Adidas line for not including plus sizes in the collection. Beyoncé has always been very particular to how she promotes anything she touches, so it was no surprise that the Queen Bey went extremely hard on the marketing campaign for the entire brand. The collection is very sporty, but sexy, and the staple color is orange with a lot of red and brown under tones. Several slim-trim celebrities were gifted with their very own orange box delivered straight to their door step including Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B, Janelle Monae and more. Even more fans have posted fan-made clips of Beyoncé’s social media videos thus further promoting the release even more.  Noticeably missing was a plus size face from the campaign run. Most of the ads we have seen regarding the line features Beyoncé herself, and in Paris several ‘hive’ members have helped cause pandemonium in the malls shopping for the clothes.

1 person in particular who was not to satisfied with the launch is Atlanta’s own celebrity plus-sized blogger ‘Maui Bigelow’. Maui who is a killer on any red carpet is known for executing every wardrobe look she wears, and puts on pretty notable fashion events in Black Hollywood. Maui went and sounded off for herself and all the other curvy girls in the game! It’s all love from her because she said she will “still get the shoes”, but she wanted the orange sports bra and the burgundy dress.  Her annual event ‘Life Styled Honors’ is held every year, and sold out each time. She made a lengthy statement via Instagram regarding the lack of diversity below. Another blog site in the internet posted a article regarding the fact that not a single plus sized woman was seen being given a special ‘orange box’, nor are there any plus sizes included in the label. Beyoncé always has a trick up her sleeve, so don’t be shocked if we see a whole better collection with thicker women coming soon. Take a peek at the video below and let us know if you are feeling the new outfits or not and check her out via Instagram @mauibigelow

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  1. I was the FiRST on to post almost a month ago about the lack of plus size with the hive. I saved my little coin and said maybe when it launches it will be different. It was not. I felt the exact same way you did! I thought she was so inclusive that this could NOT be possible!

    So only thing I can do now is to exercise in burgundy and orange and loose 20 pounds to get in the xxl.

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