Business Spotlight ‘Attorney Noah Moore Esq. of Cambre Associates’

If you’re an Atlanta native or reside in the metro area, add Attorney Noah Moore to your list of important contacts to have on file!

Noah Moore is an Associate Attorney at  Cambre Associates in Atlanta. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Government from Rust College while being a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, attended the Indiana Institute of Technology for Criminal Law, was honored as the Valedictorian at his college, and was the Ambassador of the Black College Fund amongst other prestigious accolades throughout his career. This is a man who spent his time advocating and encouraging churches, organizations, and people to donate to HBCU’s for the survival of their existence. Take a look at his awesome mini-interview below with Atlanta entertainment journalist Carisha The Diva

“Colleagues know me as young determined, charismatic, and reasonable professional who can always be trusted to come up with different approaches to the status quo. I never try to impose my ideas on others. Instead, I spend a lot of time understanding the law and searching for the best strategies to advocate for clients.” Noah Moore



By Ogechi

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