Mississippi Rapper Ayo the Homie gains MOMENTUM with new single ‘I’m Back’

By: Carisha J

Rapper Ayo the Homie who hails from Waynesboro, Mississippi is making some steam in the south for his arrogant and well-defined flow. His single ‘I’m Back’ shows just how hard the rapper really is in the booth. Rapping about all the street vibes that the gangsters can relate to complete with a polished flow and good audio quality this is an artist who is ready to make some serious noise in the game.

‘I’m Back’ was produced by Fresh Jones and the song is an introduction of who Ayo the Homie really is and what he is about.

“I wanted to give the world the raw and uncensored version of what they have to look forward to with me as an artist”             Ayo the Homie

Growing up in Waynesboro the artist mentions it was very rough and rugged with a population of 8 thousand people. He used his surroundings to create a story for his music. The song was inspired by his environment. After taking some time off for himself Ayo wanted to let the world know officially that he was back! He recorded the song in Atlanta where the Hip-Hop community is always open and full of opportunities.

You for sure want to follow this high-energy rapper who will be releasing an EP with more music and visuals soon! He also mentions that he wants to hit the radio station airwaves and is putting in the work to meet his accomplishments.

“I plan to take over the music industry. I’m what the industry is missing and I’m going to show my supporters I’m not going to let them down. Record deals, publishing deals, the whole 9 yards will be in fruition soon.”                      Ayo the Homie

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