Anaya LoveNote – “Preference” (Music Video)

Anaya LoveNote premieres the official music video for her single “Preference.” Read more about “preference” on men below:

Breaking out with her anthem for females titled, “Preference.” this Texas-bred and California-residing entertainer Anaya LoveNote is winning over the hearts of the industry with her candid takes on life, love, and relationships. 

Taking back the labels that men impose on women like “hoe” or “gold digger,” Anaya LoveNote wants to level the playing field of dating with her new video, so that men understand that it’s just her “Preference” to date the kind of men that just so happen to have a big bag and the means to take care of a family.

“If men can be out here focused on their bag, then why can’t we as women do that? I’m not trying to get married, I want to focus on my bag, I want to focus on me. I want to fix me, but at the same time I don’t want to be just boring – I want to enjoy my life – I want to be able to do that. It’s not fair that men take that and flip it. It’s like what makes me a hoe and you a player?” Anaya LoveNote asked.  

“It’s doing the same thing when technically they say ‘oh you only using men for their money.’ If my Preference is a man that can hold me down and provide for me and take care of a household, then that’s my Preference. My Preference is for a man that can provide for me – that’s a Preference. Men have a Preference for the types of women that they would marry, so my Preference is for a man who is capable of providing a home. That’s just my Preference.”

By MsRivercity

MsRivercity (@MsRivercity) is an internationally-published rap journalist / photographer and record promoter. She has spearheaded media campaigns for some of the biggest names in rap music including 2Chainz, Future, Lil Baby, Migos, and many more.

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