Alpha Releases his Debut Single Entitled “Me”

Dj Roots Queen recently sat down with Alpha to discuss his debut single which will premier live on air when Rude Girl Radio starts Season 2.

Give us a little history on the work you have done and produced these past few years.

Alpha: I’ve been working on my EP entitled The Ascension and also my upcoming album, which us self-titled Alpha

Tell us about the beginning of your career and how you actually started rapping.

Alpha: I discovered my gift when I first wrote a poem in high school. From then I used music as an outlet and started writing verses and songs soon after. I noticed that my work stood apart from the work of others in every element of rap, from concepts, versatility, beat selection, lyricism, flows, and artistry in essence. This gave me the clarity and confidence to make music my life and do it professionally. Music is my passion and my God given gift to share with the world, but this is just one aspect of my destiny and legacy.

What was your first memory of Hip-Hop and how did it impact you in that moment?

Alpha: My first memory of rap was being enraptured by the elements of hip hop in Michael Jackson‘s and Bobby Brown‘s music along with Din Daa Daa by George Kranz from the movie Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. I fell in love with the culture, beats, djing, scratching, rapping, dance, and tagging. The whole vibe connected with me. From that day, I knew I loved music and always wanted to be like everyone else who had a gift for music. As a kid, I used to wish I was like the people on TV or on the radio, from the exceptional singers and dancer; I wished I had a special gift and could be special, too. I was so amazed when I discovered my gift and knew that I wanted to do music forever and use it to leave my imprint on the world and all planes of existence.

Check out the video for “Me” by Alpha on Youtube and be sure to like and subscribe.

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By Dj RootsQueen

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